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The Parish of Carrickfergus & Whitehead

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I am delighted to welcome you to the Parish of Carrickfergus and Whitehead. I hope that you will find here all the information you seek about our parish family.
Ours is a coastal parish set in a beautiful geographical location in East Antrim, a place that has played an important role in the history of Ulster. We are the inheritors of a long and rich religious and cultural tradition which we would be privileged to share with you.
Praised be Jesus Christ in the Church!
P.J. Owens P.P

Parish Visitation

The Parish Pastoral Council are keen to reconstitute the Parish Visitation Group  and re-instigate visitations to house-bound parishioners and new-comers to the parish.

Volunteers from Carrickfergus & Whitehead are required.

If you have a couple of hours free each month to visit with parishioners please come along to an introductory meeting on Wednesday 22nd March in The Lourdes Pastoral Centre, Whitehead, at 7.00 pm.

You can also contact Mary McCormack on 07712451551 for more information.

Talking over Coffee

Parish Information

What you need to know....

Information regarding many aspects of our Parish is available from the below pages


Weekly notifications regarding services and events happening throughout our parish and the Diocese of Down & Connor


A comprehensive catalogue of the 'Who's Who and What's What' within our parish.


The latest issue of our parish magazine, reporting stories and features of interest to all within the Carrickfergus & Whitehead areas


How we aim to grow and develop as a parish and a faithful community of Christ


Holy Mass Livestream

Mid-week Mass
Wednesday 22 March 2023 7.00 pm

Liturgical Calendar


Parish Shop


Pre-school Playgroup

Mount St Nicholas, Pre-school, Playgroup

YMCA building, 30-34 Irish Quarter West.




Mount St Nicholas, a Pre-school Playgroup and the main feeder group to St Nicholas Primary. If your child is aged 3 on or BEFORE July 1st 2023 you can apply for a, preschool, funded place. Admission criteria live on EA Website on 13th December 22. If your child is aged 3 AFTER July 1st 2023 you can apply for a (fee-paying) playgroup place.

Enquiries can be made via Email:

Child Painting

St. Nicholas'
Primary School

Music Sheet Silhouette

Planning a Liturgy, Bereavement Mass or other service?

We recognise that music is an essential aspect of any liturgy and that the choice of music can be very personal.  The parish has provided a list of both traditional and contemporary sacred music commonly used within funerals. All pieces listed are covered by the licenses we hold or are now in the public domain.

Hands Up

Making a Difference

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